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The Gray Barn Design provides wedding and event decor in the Victoria, Texas area

I am so excited to start this new adventure in my life. I have always loved designing spaces, and decorating for events and parties. I am the first to offer hosting a special day, so I can adorn a room with beautiful treasures.

I love beauty, and see beauty in everything. Simplicity is clean, bold color is stimulating, flowers are delicately exquisite, pastels are soft and comforting, vintage is heartwarming, and nature is imperfectly perfect. I could go on, and on, and on.

The reason I finally took the leap, is because of my oldest daughter. She asked me to be the designer for her wedding. Anxiety was my first reaction. How do I make everything perfect for her? How do I make sure I don’t mess this up? I had way too many tabs open in my head. Then I began to make a plan. Every moment was exciting to me. I listened to her vision, asked questions, and earned her confidence. Her, and her now husband’s day was perfect for them.

I have done events since, and am so grateful for their confidence in me. I cannot wait to see my business grow. I am excited to see how I grow. I have learned that I can never stop learning. I know I am in the right place when my heart skips a beat when I receive my flower order, or when I get goosebumps walking in to my favorite lighting store. I want to make everyone’s world beautiful.

I would be honored to help you achieve your vision, whether it is a corporate event, baby shower, birthday or wedding. Every day we gather with family and friends is a special day!

Be your own kind of beautiful,


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About Me

I am originally from the Saskatchewan prairies in Canada. My husband, myself and oldest daughter moved to Texas in 1996. We had another daughter in 1998. Our family has grown and Texas will be our forever home. I have had a beautiful career as a nurse for over 26 years with the majority of my time in Labor and Delivery.

I have always loved decor and design, and am over the moon that I can do this as a new career. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!


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